Practice Areas

Civil Litigation
It is safe to say that most people in San Antonio, Texas assume that civil litigation will never be an issue for them. But civil litigation can occur between any members of the community, and civil litigation may become an issue for you in your role as a neighbor; a landlord or a tenant; a buyer or seller of property; an employee or employer; or even as a consumer. When civil litigation becomes an issue for you in San Antonio, Texas, contact Humberto Garcia on 210-892-0414 to find out the best way to proceed.

Personal Injury Mediation
For most people in San Antonio, Texas, personal injury claims are something they read about happening to other people, but never to themselves. For an unlucky few, a personal injury lawsuit will become a reality, and the best way to stop your unfortunate situation from becoming a protracted legal matter is to attend personal injury mediation. Personal injury mediation is a formal settlement conference that undoubtedly gives you the best chance to settle your personal injury matter before going to trial. Humberto Garcia can assist with your personal injury mediation in San Antonio, Texas. Simply contact 210-892-0414 for more information.

Contract Mediation
Contract disputes can occur in so many different situations for residents of San Antonio, Texas. Whether related to an employment contract, a contract for the sale of goods, or any other agreement made between two parties in San Antonio, Texas, contract disputes can lead to drawn-out legal matters: unless the parties make the sensible choice and agree to contract mediation. Contract mediation is undoubtedly the best chance both parties have of resolving the matter as amicably as possible and without long delays and expensive legal fees. To find out more about contract mediation, contact Humberto Garcia on 210-892-0414.

Employment Mediation
Employment mediation offers a huge range of benefits for employees and employers in San Antonio, Texas. Not only is employment mediation undoubtedly the fastest way for both parties to reach an agreement regarding their employment-related dispute, but employment mediation takes a fraction of the time of a protracted employment related legal matter, and incurs a fraction of the cost. In addition, employment mediation in San Antonio, Texas, is the most likely way for both parties to walk away feeling satisfied with the outcome. For more information about employment mediation in San Antonio, Texas, dial 210-892-0414 and ask for Humberto Garcia.

Medical & Legal Malpractice Mediation
A malpractice claim is an extremely serious one, in both the medical and legal fields. As such, it is not something to be taken lightly, so if you feel that a healthcare or legal professional, or anyone providing medical treatment or legal advice in San Antonio, Texas has been negligent, your first step should be to contact Humberto Garcia on 210-892-0414 to discuss medical & legal malpractice mediation. In the mediation field, medical & legal malpractice mediation is taken extremely seriously and you can be assured that your concerns will be treated with the respect they deserve.